A Tough Season

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A Tough Season

Post by calfon on Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:35 am

Well, the season is over, and I suppose its gone pretty much as we expected,
but not as we had hoped. Unfortunately some of the players we started the season
with were not up to scratch, but Steve Riley was limited to players that would play
for the love of the game and not for the money.

As soon as the season started we were losing nearly every week. Defensively we
were simply not good enough. We had our moments early on when we beat Bashley
and Chippenham in quick succession, unfortunately we settled back to losing on a
regular basis. We had a few loan signings during the season to add to the squad,
some were better than others.

November was a particularly poor month as we were thrashed throughout, letting
in five goals three times, four another and conceding eight against Hemel Hempstead
the eventual champions. Our first major achievement came when we beat Chippenham
again, our first double of the season. The next game brought us back to reality, we lost
6-0 at St Neots. We then had a couple of draws before losing five in a row which then
pushed us further away from safety in the league. Drawing 2-2 at home again
to St Neots set us on a run of three wins against  Banbury, Bashley and would you
believe it Cambridge City a team that we had not beaten since we have been in the
Southern League Premier Division.

Two defeats, two wins and two draws, led us to a home game against Poole Town,
surprise! surprise!  we beat them 3-1 with Nathaniel Sherborne who was back in the
team scoring his third goal of the season. It tailed off towards the end of the season
with us having no chance of catching the teams above us. But it was nice to end the
season undefeated in our last two games. We did however end up third from bottom,
which seemed an impossibility at one time.

Apart from Sherborne I did not mention individual players, but as a team I think you’ll
agree they were starting to bond.  There was more of a will to win, and defensively
they were tighter.


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